about us

The Internet store sabzaloo goal is the creation of most benefits for customers and their maximum satisfaction. This set of success is based solely on the satisfaction of its customers. Because in the current world and with advanced communication devices and social networking, customers 'satisfaction will be their only trump card. So they tried focus on providing customers with maximum satisfaction, instead of spending large sums of advertising.

Supply of products with the lowest price and with the lowest margins of profit, providing different products with high diversity, fast and free transmission, setting up a Web site with full and friendly technical facilities for ease of use by customers, The intelligent order tracking system along with other unique facilities to supply customer satisfaction will be provided over time,represents a new approach among online stores.

Currently , the store has specialized teams in sales , marketing , supply , and delivery programs who will respond to the dear customers at office hours.

To address all customer matters , such as registration of orders , answers to questions,get feedback and sugestions types of communication paths , such as telephone , e - mail , text messaging , and communication through social networks is considered which is accessible by the main page or contact with us page.


Email: info@sabzaloo.ir


Support email: support@sabzaloo. ir